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A new community resource dedicated to the small businesses and residents of Bridgewater, NJ and surrounding communities.

What is Explore BR
Business Candidates

What is

How many times have you reached out to friends seeking a specific service or product locally, then had to await a response? Wouldn't it be nice to have this information at your fingertips?  In short, EXPLORE BR serves to accomplish this through an online directory of businesses and services dedicated to the residents of Bridgewater-Raritan and surrounding communities.



EXPLORE BR was created to provide a convenient resource and central repository for consumers to search for local products and services as an alternative to chain and big box options while offering an opportunity for increased visibility to the many local, independent small businesses, freelancers, and self-employed business ventures.


This directory offers an opportunity for increased visibility for small, independent businesses that are not receiving the marketing support of a larger parent company or corporation through a franchise or any other partnership. EXPLORE BR's target businesses may not necessarily be located in Bridgewater, but their products and services should be easily accessible to Bridgewater-Raritan residents.

  • Self-employed contractors, consultants, and freelancers

  • Independent small businesses owners

  • Anyone providing a niche product or service

  • Side hustles


Short Term (Phase I)

  • ​​Gain enough interest in listings from local businesses to initiate launch (50-100).

  • Build a user base through multiple channels.

  • Establish streamlined communications with business owners.

  • Measure results and establish key metrics.

Long Term (Phase II)

  • Explore subscription options.

  • Explore upgrade options: Likes/Star Ratings, Ads, Emails, Events, Blogs.

  • Establish streamlined communications with subscribers.

What's Your Niche?

Listing your products or services in EXPLORE BR is simple. Click the link below to learn how. 

About the Creator
About The Creator.

Hi! My name is Dee Cinque. I am a BR resident, stay at home mom, and marketing professional. I have great admiration for the many residents who ventured into their own businesses (many of them are moms just like me). There is so much talent in this town! Whether it's producing a specialty item, selling a product, or offering a niche service, whenever possible and given the choice, I prefer to support a local business over the big box store options. Being a marketer at heart, I see an opportunity for all of us, so now I'm putting my talents to work to further support that cause.


Originally from the Pittsburgh, PA area, I have been a Bridgewater resident since 2004. I have two children who both attend BRHS. I entered the SAHM market in 2014 after a 17 year marketing career for various organizations. I retired my management position at MetLife after 14 years to be a SAHM.


Upon leaving the corporate world, I made it my mission to continue practicing marketing and communications disciplines with various projects. You may even be familiar with a few of the projects I spearheaded including the creation of Raritan Food Pantry's website and management of the social media initiative for BRHS's athletic PTO (PAC), which resulted in more than doubling their followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. ​


Click the link below to learn more about me and review some of my projects. 

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