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We are lucky to have the ability to track our progress toward achieving our goals. There are two key factors to understanding our success and building our reach:

  • Measuring EXPLORE BR's reach within the community: the graphic includes key metrics that show how the directory is growing.

  • The directory's current impact on your business: the best way to measure this is though the survey, below.


Please take a few moments to complete this survey by March 1. 


Please note that some questions labeled "WINTER SAVINGS PARTICIPANTS" are only for businesses that were able to participate in offering a 10% discount exclusive to EXPLORE BR users. If you did not participate in this event, please do not respond to those question.


Thank you to all businesses that participated in the Winter Savings Event! If you participated in the event, you agreed to keep track of when the code was mentioned by a prospective customer, and if that customer made a purchase with the discount code, "EXPLORE BR WINTER SAVINGS."

The goals of this event were:

  • Increase EXPLORE BR users.

  • Generate leads for participating businesses.

  • Effectively track the results. 

  • Secondary goal: other businesses to see your success and add their listing.


Have you received any inquiries or leads as a result of EXPLORE BR


Have you received any sales as a result of EXPLORE BR?


If known, how did your EXPLORE BR leads/customers find your EXPLORE BR listing?
WINTER SAVINGS PARTICIPANTS: If known, how did your Winter Savings leads/customers learn about your business' particpation in EXPLORE BR's sales event?
On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the value of EXPLORE BR to you.

Thanks for submitting and for your EXPLORE BR Support!

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