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Listing in EXPLORE BR is Easy!

Why list in EXPLORE

EXPLORE BR continually strives to achieve its mission to be a valuable resource within the community and to support local, small businesses by creating a platform for increased visibility.

The online directory and social media efforts have gained considerable followers in its short time and continues to build each week. 

The Community

If any exposure is good exposure, EXPLORE BR is right for you. 

Being a valuable member of the EXPLORE BR community means helping to spread the word and keeping the directory relevant. It means sharing the directory and recommending like-minded EXPLORE BR businesses when given the opportunity. And it means referring EXPLORE BR to other small business owners - because more exposure for them = more exposure for you!


Get Started Here

In order to maintain the integrity of the directory, the ability to add listings is by invite only.

Just follow these three easy steps to get started:



Start with the form below. then keep an eye out for an email from EXPLORE BR with your invitation to join.

*may take up to two days

If you are a match for EXPLORE BR's Target Businesses, just complete the form below.

This directory offers an opportunity for increased visibility for small, independent businesses that are not receiving the marketing support of a larger parent company or corporation through a franchise or any other partnership. EXPLORE BR's target businesses may not necessarily be located in Bridgewater, but their products and services should be easily accessible to Bridgewater-Raritan residents.

  • Self-employed contractors, consultants, and freelancers

  • Independent small businesses owners

  • Anyone providing a niche product or service

  • Side hustles



Once approved, you will receive an email with an invitation to list. Using the link in the email, just provide your name and email address to gain access to the New Listing Form.



Only information relevant to the listing information you want to display will be collected.

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