Dating with companion is the process in a relationship that helps those in a link to know each other better while having a pleasant time at the same moment.

Most people believe that by dating, one can identify potential problems they might face as they pursue more positive relationships and for some as they seek to tie the knot and spend the rest of their lives together.

Seeing that this is a severe matter let us look into how the game of dating has changed over time and majorly how it works in the current age.

What Defines Modern Dating?

They have been developments in the terminologies used in modern dating, and once you hear or read of such languages, then you can be sure the situation at hand is one kind of contemporary dating.


Ghosting, for example, is a term that was initially used majorly in reality shows but has found its way into the current dating circles. This refers to a situation where one partner in a relationship decides to lose touch and disappear ‘mysteriously’ from a link without bothering to tell whosoever they were dating that they have taken a break or something if the sort.

This very same person could one day decide to show up to their partner, and they continue dating without the other partner finding it weird. This trait is a trait of modern dating since it not something the older generations are accustomed to.


Casper is another trait of modern dating. Unlike in ghosting where someone disappears unannounced in caspering, they make it clear to their partner that they will be away for a while.

It is arguably the more beautiful version of ghosting. Just like in ghosting where the partner would return and behave as if nothing ever happened, it is the same case with caspering since the partner through everything under the carpet and continues dating as if things have been healthy since day one.

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Breadcrumbing is another feature of modern dating that is very interesting. In this case, one partner treats the other with portions of love. They do not give clear intentions of love yet they are dating.

The partner would drop what we would call crumbs of love in bits, for example, a few romantic messages or complements while not giving it their all.

The other partner at times is left uncertain of the progress of their relationship and most of the times when they inquire, and they are treated to the very same crumbs of love with no apparent intentions.

This feature has led many who are dating into depression and frustrations.


Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse that is a characteristic of modern dating where one partner cares very little about the other emotions. They might use words which can sound very manipulative and unnecessary like telling one’s partner that they are too sensitive when they want their opinions to be heard.

Gaslighting is done on purpose to annoy the other partner or rather to make them feel inferior.


‘Catch and release.’

Catch and release has become rampant among those experiencing modern dating. As the name sounds, this feature is majorly practiced by both genders but more often who not men who enjoy the thrill of chasing after a girl.

They would get into a relationship, and before it settles in any meaningful direction, they would walk away and starts a new chase. This dating technique is considered to be immature and very disrespectful of the other partner who is being released unawares and who probably had given their all to this particular dating experience.


Peacocking is a modern dating technique which has been considered to be intrinsic to human nature. This feature involves showing their best of abilities or possessions to those they intend to win their loves.

People are fond of showing off their physique, their wealth, their skills like how well they can sing and so on.

Whereas the older folks and generations believed in honestly winning someone’s heart through character and words of mouth, modern dating tends to have more of the hopes stored in peacocking rather than appealing to the mind of those they seek to be in love with.


Most have those who practice it called, and they are fond of building an illusionary sense of intimacy and bond through flattery. At the beginning of most, an individual comes into the other person’s life with solid compliments making the one being complimented to believe that someone loves them.

However, at this point, the monster disappears and turns into a ghost with very little or no communication at all.

The flattery is on a whole new level, and at first one would think that the monster is joking, but they then turn out very serious giving no clue that they could be jokers.




Micro-cheating involves hiding things from those an individual purports to love. This may include messages between you and your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend. In modern dating, one might not be having a blown out affair with other people but the very fact that they find it hard to make it clear to their partners is evidence that they are micro-cheating.

It is from this small actions that people end up having involved in massive cheating affairs which again in modern dating does not come out as a gigantic affair as many think that they can go ahead and do that which they please provided the other partner does not get to know about it.

Impact of Social Media

In the past, it was challenging to manage long distance relationships something that modern dating finds to be very easy. Such ease has been made possible by technology in the form of Skype, Yahoo Messenger, WhatsApp and even Facetime.

Modern dating has had a privilege of what we can call virtual dates where people agree on a particular time that they all stay online and through the mentioned apps above and any other applicable means enjoy online years.

Modern dating is driven by the social media as is known to be of the most significant influence on the lives of millennials.

Modern daters no longer have to climb perimeter walls to talk to their prospective partners nor attend a dull independence day to bump into them, they have the social media to meet each other at the very comforts of their couches.